'Trash' Fashion is for keeps!

If, like me, you have even a passing interest in clothes alteration, upcycling, green living and repurposing, you'll be familiar with 'trash fashion'. It's a term used by a number of projects and groups across the world to describe the practice of taking used materials, old clothes, scrap, even actual rubbish, and turning them into outfits instead of landfill

Visiting Hours: CraftBomb @ Ulster Hall / Craft Month

I can't believe we're already halfway through August Craft Month - the biggest one ever in fact, with Craft NI curating over 150 events celebrating Northern Ireland craftmanship. I attended the launch of CraftBomb in the Ulster Hall last Tuesday, an exhibition showcasing the best of the handmade decorations that adorned the streets of Northern Ireland during Voluntary Arts Week in May.

Read of the Month: The Great British Sewing Bee - Sew Your Own Wardrobe

Welcome to Magazine of the Month in its new, improved incarnation! A monthly magazine review proved to be an over-ambitious feature idea (even for this mag addict), plus there are so many other types of inspiring reading material out there for those with arty interests and crafting curiosity. So books, blogs, newsletters, websites, e-zines, magazines, pamphlets, papers and papyrus... each month I'll be recommending a read.

An old star Sings again...

Last week's episode of The Great British Sewing Bee saw the contestants presented with old-fashioned Singer sewing machines and asked to complete a series of tasks based on old patterns, techniques and styles. As most of you know, I am the very proud owner of a 1950s Singer 99k machine, kindly gifted to me by my Granny a few years ago.