Unmasking Lisburn's potential...

Last weekend, Sat 7 March, I had the pleasure of seeing my home city of Lisburn come to life with colour and creativity. A one-off event - the Music Masquerade - brought street theatre, arts workshops, superheroes, princesses and live music to every corner of the city. There was a samba workshop, pop art classes and a live graffiti art masterpiece happening at R-Space; fire dancing on Bow Street; mask-making in Lisburn Square; animation sessions with Left Hand Cinema in Music Matters...meanwhile Iron Man casually wandered through town posing for pictures!


Finally, here it is - the PQ post about Culture Night Lisburn! I'm sorry it's a fortnight after the event, but what with the beautiful madness of the night, excited preparations for the Blog Awards Ireland ceremony and a stress-tastic couple of weeks in my new day job, I am, quite frankly, a husk of a woman. But a contented husk! Thank you so much to everyone who made the Patchwork Quill Culture Night Lisburn pop-up at R-Space the great success it was.

#CNLisburn: Time to get Lisburn trending

Belfast is an exciting place to be these days. Year-round, the city is buzzing with arts and entertainment and barely a month goes by without a music or arts festival. Culturally, Belfast has become a world player, and I believe four years of Culture Night Belfast has been a major factor in developing the rich arts-based identity it now enjoys. Just eight miles down the road, little sister Lisburn remains somewhat in its shadow.

The PQ Q&A: Papergirl Belfast

The first PQ Q&A is with the two-woman team behind Papergirl Belfast, a lovely initiative aimed at distributing free artworks to members of the public. Jodie Young, a graphic designer, and Julie Steenson, who works in book publishing, tell us how their love of art led them to becoming papergirls...