All in Monday Makes

Monday Makes: Origami with Japanese Papercraft

As some of you already know, the hand that holds the Quill also holds down a day job, at a wonderful company in Lisburn called Leckey who design, manufacture and distribute postural and mobility products for people with special needs. (here's hoping my bosses are reading this... ;) ) Last Thursday, we were offered the opportunity to join in an evening of origami, led by Donegal-based paper art company Japanese Papercraft.

Monday Makes: A patchwork bag and the beginnings of a tea dress!

Hello! It's hard to believe this is my first post of 2014 - where have those months gone?! I'm sorry for abandoning the Quill for a while; job changes and work commitments have eaten up a lot of my time and energy over the past few months. However, I'm pleased to say that during this little hiatus, I have finally realised a long-held ambition and am currently undertaking a fabulous dressmaking course at Belfast Met! More on that later.

Monday Makes: A Summer Mess (part 2 of 2)

Let this two-part near-descent into sewing madness be a cautionary tale to you all. That is no typo in the title because, dear reader, despite starting all over again, taking careful measurements, leaving generous seam allowances and putting in about 9 hours of work, this mess could not be worn by any human being I have ever met.