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The real live lounge: Lisburn Live Sessions

Every Tuesday you can now experience a local live music night with a difference. The Lisburn Sessions is a weekly free online broadcast of live, original music performed by some of Northern Ireland’s best up-and-coming bands and artists. Here’s a quick snippet of the session, featuring Ian Baxter on guitar and vocals, with Oliver Lindsey Crangle on violin:

The Lisburn Live Sessions: brainchild of Lisburn musician Ryan Hanna.

It’s the brainchild of Ryan ‘Bob’ Hanna, whom many of you will know from his regular gigs at events, bars and clubs across the country.

Ryan broadcasts his gigs and sets online, and decided it would be a great idea to get a group of musicians together on a weekly basis and put some original homegrown music out there.

Ryan says:

“Lisburn Live Sessions was born out of a desire to showcase local talent; to be used as a platform for local acts to interact informally and to play and appreciate each other’s songs. “In an acoustic, stripped back style, the acts perform a more delicate version of their songs and get to chat a bit about themselves or their music in the comfortable setting of a living room, but the inclusion of a small studio audience gives the programme a live gig atmosphere. “Each session broadcasts to a live audience, who can live chat questions for short interviews with the acts to make a truly interactive experience for all.”

It’s only fair I pop a disclaimer in here: I know Ryan personally as a friend, and indeed my own partner Andy was one of the musicians playing at this first session.

Anyone who knows The Patchwork Quill at all knows I’m not in the business of ‘plugging’ projects, motivated by bias or loyalty.

Everything featured on this site – including this piece on the Lisburn Live Sessions – only sees the light of day if I judge it to be of the quality my readers trust me to bring them. Indeed, if I plan to write about someone I know, their venture undergoes even more scrutinous judgement!

Now that’s out of the way, back to the music!

Meet the Musicians:


Andy Arbuckle has been making music for 15 years, playing acoustic, classical and electric guitar. He has played in a number of bands over the years, and is now working on original solo material.


Oliver Lindsey Crangle has been playing music for about 13 years. He plays violin and guitar and has performed with orchestras, bands, and other artists at weddings, funerals, concerts and many other music events.


Ian Baxter, AKA The boy Bobain, has been playing acoustic performances for over 20 years. As a singer/songwriter Ian’s music has been described as “a kaliedoscope of folk laid melodic muse”. He is often found wherever a jam and session are to be heard.

You can watch the full first session from last week below, and to watch tonight’s show, simply tune into Ryan’s U-Stream page from 10pm, and sign up to be notified of future broadcasts.

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