Unmasking Lisburn's potential...

Last weekend, Sat 7 March, I had the pleasure of seeing my home city of Lisburn come to life with colour and creativity. A one-off event - the Music Masquerade - brought street theatre, arts workshops, superheroes, princesses and live music to every corner of the city. There was a samba workshop, pop art classes and a live graffiti art masterpiece happening at R-Space; fire dancing on Bow Street; mask-making in Lisburn Square; animation sessions with Left Hand Cinema in Music Matters...meanwhile Iron Man casually wandered through town posing for pictures!

'Trash' Fashion is for keeps!

If, like me, you have even a passing interest in clothes alteration, upcycling, green living and repurposing, you'll be familiar with 'trash fashion'. It's a term used by a number of projects and groups across the world to describe the practice of taking used materials, old clothes, scrap, even actual rubbish, and turning them into outfits instead of landfill

Socially disconnected?

The Patchwork Quill wouldn't exist without social media. Not in its current form, anyway. From the content of the What's On Calendar, to the people, places and projects I write about in the posts - most of what you see here has come to my attention, directly or indirectly, through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or Vine. It even helped me source the logo you see above!Event invitations, status updates, tags and shares on Facebook; tweets, retweets, direct messages and hashtags on Twitter and the steady stream of eyecatching images on the other three, I scour these platforms daily for ideas, inspiration, contacts and leads.

Visiting Hours: 'Colliding Forms' at R-Space Lisburn

On Saturday 10 January the R-Space Gallery in Lisburn launched their latest exhibition, Colliding Forms. A collaborative project between ceramic artist Sandra Robinson and print artist Helen Lavery, the work marries the 2-D and the 3-D, with images printed on to ceramic pieces. The artists, both currently resident at the Spectrum Centre on Belfast's Shankill Road, met in university and have wanted to work together for a number of years. This project was not only a fusion of artistic media, but a research-based study in combining historical techniques - such as traditional etching processes - with modern methods, including digital techniques.


Finally, here it is - the PQ post about Culture Night Lisburn! I'm sorry it's a fortnight after the event, but what with the beautiful madness of the night, excited preparations for the Blog Awards Ireland ceremony and a stress-tastic couple of weeks in my new day job, I am, quite frankly, a husk of a woman. But a contented husk! Thank you so much to everyone who made the Patchwork Quill Culture Night Lisburn pop-up at R-Space the great success it was.