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Use the contact form to:
  • Share feedback and ideas, and ask questions

  • Suggest events to attend / add to What's On

  • Pitch an idea for a guest blog

  • Put someone/yourself forward for an interview or feature

  • Recommend places to visit, things to read, charity/thrift shops to root through, crafts to make...

Promoting your stuff

I'm not currently open to paid-for content opportunities. I'll still share your stuff though - I just do it for free if it's a good fit for the Quill.


I am happy to receive review copies of books and products, press passes for events, and prizes for competition giveaways. Such items are gratefully accepted on the understanding that I'm editorially independent.

This is a positive and celebratory place so no bad reviews. In the unlikely event I try something and can't find a good word to say about it, I'd prefer to give that feedback privately and constructively.

Championing culture, craft and creativity in an authentic voice is what the PQ is all about. Drop me a line if you have something to share!

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