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Are you following me….?

There has been a lot of chat about Google Reader shutting down over the past few weeks and being a relatively new blogger, I only recently realised this might be relevant to me!

When it comes to web tech and blogging, my learning curve is still on a pretty steep gradient, but a bit of research revealed this is (until July 1st!) a Google product which allows you to aggregate content served by web feeds.

You use it to ‘follow’ all of your blogs in one place – a bit like a Twitter for blog posts, as I understand it anyway.

Feedly seems to be the most similar service out there and a lot of Google Reader users are already migrating there. Feedly are allowing current users of Google Reader to sync up their existing content when they open an account (free) and you can find The Patchwork Quill on Feedly here.

Bloglovin is another nice site where you can search for blogs to follow and get suggestions for similar sites which may interest you. The Patchwork Quill is here, or you can click the button I’ve added to the right-hand sidebar.

While I’m in self-promotion mode, I’m delighted to announce the blog has been nominated for a couple of Company Style Blogger Awards! You can nominate me too if you like, by clicking here, or the button at the top of the right-hand sidebar.

If you know of any other good sites for following your favourite blogs, please share this with everyone in the comments section below.

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