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Blog Awards Ireland – nominated!

If you follow the Quill on Facebook or Twitter, or indeed if you’ve noticed the majassive badge to the right, you’ll have twigged that the blog has been longlisted in the Blog Awards Ireland this year. 

I’ve been listed in four categories:

  1. Best Newcomer Blog

  2. Best Arts/Culture Blog

  3. Best Blog Post

  4. Best Craft Blog

Longlisting in itself isn’t something to get too excited about, as this year, every working blog nominated has been included. Mind you, I am still excited, especially as I only nominated myself in two of those categories. (thank you, whoever you are!)

I find out on the 8th September whether the judges have shortlisted me for three of those awards, at which point, if they have, prepare for me to go into orbit. However, one of the awards, Best Blog Post, is a People’s Choice Award and voting is open now, with the five least popular posts dropping off the longlist every week.

The blog post I’ve been nominated for is A Fatal Cut which is, to date, the blog’s most-read and most-commented-on – in fact, it sparked quite a debate on arts funding!

If you like it and think it deserves a vote (and only if you think it deserves a vote), then click the link below and give The Patchwork Quill your support.

Thank you if you do.

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