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Creating space

Well, it’s taken me five months and it’s still a work in progress, but I’m delighted to announce I am the proud owner of A Sewing And Crafting Room! (it’s not quite ready for the lofty title of ‘Studio’ just yet).

Andy and I moved in to our lovely house back in May. His Man Cave was constructed within a matter of hours, my home office took a few weeks and a room swap to take shape, but the lovely big, airy room on the top floor (once a needlessly cavernous office…) has resembled an abandoned, vandalised haberdashery the whole time we’ve lived here.

Until last weekend, when it went from this…..

To this!


There now follows a gallery of gratuitously Instagrammed photos.

My sewing teacher will be so proud. “Your iron is just as important as your sewing machine!”

My one, slightly overworked, unit of storage.

My lovely books. Soon to become dog eared, annotated, paint splashed and coffee ringed 🙂

Like I said, very much a work in progress – I need a lot more storage and a large, sturdy work table, as well as the go-ahead from the landlord to hang my hundreds of mirrors and pictures – but it is working and it is progressing. For the first time in my life, I have a dedicated crafting room and I’m so excited about it!

I could have waited a little longer, could have saved the money and kitted it out in one big shopping trip, but I think it’s more natural that a room like this is a work in progress, continually evolving and adapting to my changing needs, interests and skills.

I will only figure out exactly what I need from this space by actually sitting inside it and using it, writing shopping lists and sketching plans and layouts as I go.

I’d really love you all to share stories and pictures of your own studios/work rooms/creative spaces – in fact the more creative you’ve been with the space you create in, the better – please get in touch!

All suggestions for my own little studio-with-a-very-small-s will be gratefully received too. What works for you? Any tips and tricks or clever storage solutions?

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