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Merry Christmas!

I did a lot of research before starting up The Patchwork Quill. So I know that ‘blogging 101’ dictates posts should be original, timely and topical to keep your readership interested.

Sod that – I still haven’t shown off about what I got for Christmas.

All my crafty and creative goodies

All the crafty and creative goodies I got for being a good girl 🙂


My first brand new sewing machine! It had to be a Singer, of course.


Testing out a few stitches


Something old, something new…


The other new toy! My boyfriend got me a Microsoft Surface – a slick n’ shiny tablet/notebook hybrid. It’s going to be so useful for blogging on the go, especially with fairly decent forward and rear facing cameras included. Impossible to get in the shops too at the minute – seriously, I challenge you to try and find it!


The way the keyboard attaches magnetically is ridiculously fun – it’s a toy in itself. You basically wave the tablet near it and SNAP! It’s a notebook 🙂 The kick-out stand at the back is a lovely feature too.


Pretty as well as clever – a lot like its owner, really.


Ribbons! I have had a book about ribbon crafting gathering dust on my shelf for over a year – time to change that!


Two very useful (and adorable) items to add to my sewing room – fine point scissors and a measuring tape. Plus a £20 voucher for my favourite local craft shop, BP Sew n’ Knit in Lisburn’s Market Square.


Feeding my stationery fetish – two sumptuous notebooks. I am actually slightly terrified by these, the pressure to use them well, to write really interesting and important things on those crisp, unspoilt pages is almost too much to bear. What to use them for??


Very excited about this book. Haven’t so much as read the intro, I’m saving it and prolonging the anticipation. What’s that – how do you spell procrastination? Well it’s P-R-O… hey!



Happy New Year!

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