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Monday Makes: Bead It – a simple ribbon and bead necklace.

The weekend before last, I visited Melanie Bond, who was hosting a pop up stall of her stunning handmade jewellery at Mexx in Bow Street Mall’s Tempest department store.

Melanie recently led some exciting jewellery classes in The Bead Shop in Lisburn – sadly I missed these but plan to keep an eye on her Facebook page to book myself on her next course.

The visit put me in the mood for some jewellery-making, so I decided to make a really simple necklace I had spotted in my ribbon crafts book, The Complete Guide to Ribbon Crafts by Elaine Schmidt

So here’s my necklace – you can probably see it’s fairly straightforward to put together.


You will need:

  1. Length of ribbon (mine was approx 30″ / 76.2cm)

  2. A selection of beads

  3. Needle and thread


1. Insert your needle at the point in the ribbon where you want your first bead to go. Make a small stitch and bring the needle back through the ribbon and through the first bead.

2. Wrap the working end of the ribbon halfway around the bead and thread the needle through the ribbon – make a small stitch to hold the bead in place.

3. Simply repeat for the rest of the beads. ensure the two ends of ribbon are similar lengths. Secure the necklace around your neck by tying in a knot or bow.

It wasn’t really possible to document each step of the make as it required two hands to do! But hopefully these pics give you the idea.

Let me know if you decide to have a go at this and don’t forget to share your pics, either through the contact page above, or through my Twitter or Facebook pages. Who are your favourite jewellery designers?

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