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Monday Makes…..the most of the sunshine!

A more organised blogger would have worked in a summery or sunshiney theme to her weekly crafting post. Me? I let the sewing room go to wrack and ruin, and spent a couple of days taking pictures in the sun. Tenuous link to crafting: I did wear one of my latest clothing creations, my miniskirt, on these trips, in an unsuccessful attempt to get some colour into these blotchy, blue pins of mine. They didn’t even go pink.

Now that we’re back to the mizzly, muggy ‘summer’ weather we know so well, I thought I’d share my snaps of Lisburn in the sun. Monday Makes will be back in its usual slot next week, I promise.

This place I call home really does look superb with a bit of sunlight smiling on her – it brought it home to me just how much work has been done in the city to give us some impressive park space to enjoy. Click the pictures to see them full-size with captions.

I walked round to Lisburn Cathedral and had a potter around the graveyard, a favourite old pastime of mine.

Next, I headed to Castle Gardens, enjoyed the cooling spray from the fountain, admired the views of Lisburn from the beautifully restored castle walls and discovered Secret-Garden-esque gates and paths, and hidden corners of picturesque tranquility.

Wallace Park was my next stop; another park space that’s had a fairly dramatic facelift in recent years.

It looks amazing – there’s a proper, fenced-off cricket pitch with clubhouse and spectator area, an all-weather tennis court, a mind-blowingly cool kids’ playpark, an outdoor gym and a five-a-side pitch that very cleverly doubles up as a basketball court.

The greens have been well-maintained and the duck pond and bandstand have been given a bit of TLC as well.

I hope this post has cheered you on this miserable, rainy evening and remember – we don’t need to wait for a heatwave to enjoy the many gorgeous outdoor spaces we have in Northern Ireland. As soon as the rain stops, get out there again and enjoy this beautiful country!

Let me know what you thought of this post and feel free to get in touch with your snaps of your favourite places – whether you live in Northern Ireland or not!

A little walk in the park on a sunny day really invigorated me and got my creative juices flowing again. Although the weather has turned, the sunshine has stayed in my heart and I’m feeling inspired. Stay tuned for some new features coming soon 🙂

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