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Monday Makes: We’re jammin’ – upcycling jars!

Yep. Aware it’s technically Tuesday now. May have to look at the name of this post…. or get my act together. One of the two. Anyhoo! I wanted to do a ‘Monday’ Makes that didn’t involve sewing; variety being the spice of life and all that.

So I homed in on my obsession with jars. I collect ’em. My boyfriend scratches his head as I carefully wash, dry and keep every coffee, jam and pasta sauce receptacle that enters our house – seemingly for no reason. “I’m going to make things with them,” I bleat, “They’re USEFUL.”

I discovered this stuff in the DIY section of Smyth Pattersons in Lisburn. It cost about £6.

Pretty pleased with the results, I think they’re cute. (Don’t look too closely at the lace one, mind, I think I was a bit hasty in removing the tape…)

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