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Popping up at #CNL14!

I am delighted to announce that this year The Patchwork Quill will be participating in Culture Night Lisburn!Culture Night is now only one week away, and on the night the PQ is hosting a pop-up, celebrating culture, crafting and creativity, in the R-Space Gallery between 6.30 and 8.30pm.



My other half and super-talented singer-songwriter and guitarist Guitarbuckle (AKA Andy Arbuckle) will be treating us all to an eclectic mix of music on the acoustic guitar.



Visit our drop-in craft corner and have a go at making something to take away with you. Learn how to knit or crochet, make a little pom-pom bug or a piece of origami – just a selection of the things you can try your hand at.

There will be hot drinks, sweet treats and maybe a little tipple or two for the adults.


Editor-in-chief and founder of The Patchwork Quill (that would be moi!) will be at the Blogging Station ready to advise any new or wannabe bloggers.

My knowledge is by no means exhaustive, but I’ve learned a lot in the three years since I started the Quill, so I’ll talk you through the basics and answer any questions I can.

Get some first-hand experience of blogging on the night too – I want to get you involved! Share your experience of Culture Night so far, be photographed and interviewed for a special version of the PQ Q&A, or be a roving Quill with your own assignment to file!

For the more musically-minded, Guitarbuckle is bringing an extra guitar and offering drop-in lessons for anyone keen to learn, or polish up their chords. Also, he’s not averse to an impromptu jamming session if you can already play! It’s only the second year of Culture Night in Lisburn and already it has grown, with so much to see and do. Check out the programme and come see Lisburn the way it should always be!

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