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The work-in-progress progresses

I ended my last post (all that time ago…) with a sturdy work table and storage on my shopping list.

Tick and tick!

My only regret is that they weren’t purchased, as I had wanted, from a local retailer, ideally a second hand or charity shop. I did shop around but just couldn’t find what I wanted in these outlets to match my measly budget.

So, I screwed my shopping courage to the sticking place and headed to Ikea. The aircraft hangar of interiors on Holywood Exchange is often bemoaned as a frustrating and stressful retail experience, but I found the secret was to go in armed with a) a strict budget limit b) a specific product/range in mind and c) THE MAP!

Ikea is laid out as a snaking, one-way road rather than the typical criss-crossing aisles we’re used to here in Norn Irn. The key to success in here is to grab a map on your way in and stick to it.

Don’t meander along the yellow brick road oohing and aahing at shiny chairs and pretty fabrics. Figure out what department you are headed for and go there. Spend some time figuring out exactly what product in your chosen range is right for you, write down the code for that item and get thee to the self serve area with a trolley.

Anyway, that’s exactly what I did and I got a 120 x 60cm table for £23 and a three shelf 106cm high bookcase for £10. All in all it took about an hour to assemble both pieces.

Table: VIKA AMON table top (£13); 4 x VIKA ADILS legs (4 x £2.50)

Three of the table legs.

Constructing the table….

And the bookcase….

Ta daaaahhhhhh!

I finally have a sewing room! It’s still pretty basic, but I’m so pleased with it – can’t wait to get creating in my new space 🙂

Please let me know what you think!

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