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Visiting Hours: ‘Colliding Forms’ at R-Space Lisburn

On Saturday 10 January the R-Space Gallery in Lisburn launched their latest exhibition, Colliding Forms. A collaborative project between ceramic artist Sandra Robinson and print artist Helen Lavery, the work marries the 2-D and the 3-D, with images printed on to ceramic pieces.

The artists, both currently resident at the Spectrum Centre on Belfast’s Shankill Road, met in university and have wanted to work together for a number of years. This project was not only a fusion of artistic media, but a research-based study in combining historical techniques – such as traditional etching processes – with modern methods, including digital techniques. The exhibition itself has three distinct elements:

Impact – wall-mounted ceramic boxes, many featuring figures



Contact – ceramic columns, handprinted etchings using oxides and underglazes


And finally, Fragments – pocket-sized shards of ceramic, featuring printed handmade etchings and various glazes


I really enjoyed this exhibition – it’s hard to tear your eyes away from the desperately lifelike little bodies clawing, stretching, dangling out of the geometric cubes they seem imprisoned in. Similarly, the sculptures balanced on top of the columns cut lonely and isolated figures, and Sandra’s skill and knowledge of the human form and anatomy is particularly striking in these pieces.

It would also be all too easy to while away an afternoon rummaging and noseying through the trough of Fragments – each shard featuring different colours and textures, and an array of simplistic figurative etchings – they reminded me a little bit of cave drawings.

The exhibition continues until the end of January, and the artists hope to incorporate as much public outreach as possible. There has already been a successful workshop working with techniques on metal plates – so keep an eye on the Facebook event page for more.

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